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AIO ESET + Utilities AIO

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AIO ESET + Utilities AIO

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:04 pm

AIO ESET + Utilities AIO

ESET NOD32 - solution for protecting your home computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing attacks, rootkits.
ESET Smart Security - intelligently integrated solution for securing your home computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, hacker attacks, phishing attacks and spam. ESET Smart Security includes antivirus, antispyware, antispam, personal firewall.

ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) - a tool for centralized deployment and administration of corporate ESET solutions in network environments of varying complexity. With ESET Remote Administrator allows you to remotely perform the installation and uninstallation of software products ESET, supervise the work of antivirus software, to create within the network "mirrors" product updates to ESET NOD32, which leads to a significant reduction of external Internet traffic. Working with the new version of ESET Remote Administrator became more comfortable. Added the following options: "Notification Manager" and "License Manager", the synchronization with Active Directory, support for popular databases. Improved system for managing user settings. Appendix ESET Remote Administrator 3.0 is compatible with all versions of enterprise products ESET - 2.7, 3.0 and 4.0.

Various networks that connect portable computers to be differentiated and are subject to verification, to ensure full protection. This authentication is precisely realized in ESET Authentication Server, the method of identification marking a server within the network and the subsequent authentication server asymmetric encryption (RSA) or adopted by the configuration of the network.

Yandex. Bar with built ESET online scanner is a toolbar for web-browser with a search on the internet, fast access to the services of Yandex, the informer weather, exchange rates and traffic congestion, as well as functions of spelling and translation of the words on Web pages. A distinctive feature of the panel is a built-in utility ESET Online Scanner, designed to detect and remove viruses, trojans and spyware, and other malicious software on your computer. Also available to users Yandeks.Bara Quick access to contact technical support ESET, knowledge base, online store, ESET, site section, where you can download the trial and commercial versions of ESET NOD32.

Recommended System Requirements for ESET NOD32 4.2 ESET Smart Security 4.2 Home Edition:
* Microsoft ® Windows ® 7/Vista/Home Server/XP/2000
* 1 GHz processor, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
* 512 MB RAM
* 130 MB free hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements for ESET NOD32 4.2 ESET Smart Security 4.2 Business Edition:
* Microsoft ® Windows ® 7/Vista/Home Server/XP/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003/2000
* 1 GHz processor, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
* 512 MB RAM
* 130 MB free hard disk space

System Requirements for ESET Remote Administrator Server 4:
* Microsoft ® Windows ® 7/Vista/XP/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003/2000/NT4 SP6 (32-bit/64-bit)
* Databases: Microsoft Access (built-in), MySQL 5.0, ORACLE 9i, MS SQL 2005
* Windows Installer: 2.0 or higher

System Requirements for ESET Remote Administrator Console 4:
* Microsoft ® Windows ® 7/Vista/XP/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003/2000 (32-bit/64-bit)
* Windows Installer: 2.0 or higher
* Internet Explorer: 6.0 or higher
New support for ESET Remote Administrator 4:
* ESET Smart Security / ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2
* ESET Mail Security 4 for Microsoft Exchange Server
* Linux / Mac desktop security solution (ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4)
* ESET Mobile Security

Unlike ESET Home Edition to Business Edition - Business Edition can be installed on server operating systems. In the Business Edition, you can create mirror updates. To create mirror updates in the Business versions need the file lic, which you can find among the treatments in this hand.

Unlike Trial of Commercial - 30 dennaya version, which at the expiration of the term will require a username and password to upgrade to commercial. Databases are updated with a delay of several hours. Components (modules) are not updated. Trial-version can be freely downloaded from offsayta, commercial - pointing out during the download login and password!

The file-patch PatchERAv41 no viruses no. Add a file to the exceptions.

WARNING! Who uses the keys and / or servers - turn technology ThreatSense.NET (system of early detection) in the settings of the product! So the key will live longer!

The company ESET, an international developer of antivirus software and solutions in the field of computer security, today announced plans to discontinue sales of NOD32 2.7 with the 1 st February 2010. Technical support and release updates for NOD32 2.7 will cease on February 1, 2012. In this regard, ESET urged to move to 4-th version of the antivirus.

Composition of the files in each archive:
ESET NOD32 Antivirus
ESET NOD32 Home Edition | x86 x64 | English Russian German Ukrainian

ESET Smart Security
ESET Smart Security Home Edition | x86 x64 | English Russian German Ukrainian

ERA - ESET Remote Administrator 4:
ESET Remote Administrator Console Server | English
ESET Remote Administrator Console Server | Russian

ESET Authentication Server
ESET Authentication Server | English Russian German

NOD32 Update Viewer 4.08.1 Multilanguage
Yandex Bar 4.3 for IE-Firefox
ESET Uninstaller

Survive The Ban:
Manuals - User's Guide for EAV ESS in English, German and Russian for the ERA in English and Russian.
Uninstall - How to Completely Remove programs if you have problems with the product.
Video - My (the author) a set of video tutorials on working with ESET Smart Security 4.
All types of headache pills, sorted by directories make it easier to find what you need. Topical medication on 03/10/2010

Upd 03/10/2010:
* New versions of the products ESET Remote Administrator - Russian
* A new universal medicine for the products ESET Remote Administrator 4.0 - in the folder Medicine
* Obnovileno treatment tab stock

Home :

Download from Hotfile ESET_Programs.part1.rar.html ESET_Programs.part2.rar.html ESET_Programs.part3.rar.html ESET_Programs.part4.rar.html ESET_Programs.part5.rar.html ESET_Programs.part6.rar.html ESET_Programs.part7.rar.html ESET_Programs.part8.rar.html

Download from Uploading ESET%2BPrograms.part1.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part2.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part3.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part4.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part5.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part6.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part7.rar/ ESET%2BPrograms.part8.rar/

Download from FileServe RMprxTM 2JS4RfJ SUTDTCm kkw3em9 PAU4KVq 2k8x4ey epH6Hqc KBu6yan


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